Important Considerations in Looking for Voice Overs

There are so many talents for voice overs out there. If you are still confused about the right option for you, it would help a lot to make sure that you know the tips in selection. What are these? Make sure to check out Matinee | Voice overs solution.


  • The kind of information that has to be presented

Are you going information, sales or storytelling? The truth is that these talents come with their own acting skills. They are not the same. This is also true with their speaking styles. There are casual talents, there are those who can deliver more upbeat and exciting reads. Finding the most appropriate one will only be possible if you know what you are aiming to look for. There are directories that would allow the description of talents to take place. The descriptions must be ideal so that the right voice can be selected eventually.

Are things meant to move quickly on your video? Or is there a need for so much space so that information may be absorbed first? The overall tone of your video should be on the top of your consideration prior to anything else. This is a way for the most appropriate voice to be selected. The voice must be suited to the content you are trying to deliver. This should not be taken away from it.

  • The sound of your brand

Companies are very much busy conceptualizing how their brand should look like. They do not realize that even the voice of their brand is heard. This is an actual opportunity for a brand to be given human attributes so that most people can connect to it right away. To look for a voice talent that sounds like that of a target customer is going to work best here. It does not matter whether it is upbeat or young, authoritative or mature. It can be in between for as long as it is right.


Apart from what you need, even styles are also crucial in the selection of the voice you are to work with. The best style would change the way a talent delivers. This is going to have a real impact on what is being pursued by your agency. This may also dictate the tone of your final video. Please bear in mind that not every talent is comfortable in reading in almost all styles. While flexibility may happen to some, these people have their expertise too. These are the following.

  • Announcer – this is considered to be the classic voice over. This is the sound that radio guy produces. This can be an exciting tone alone. This may deliver from the hard sell down to the medium sell. This is a kind of talent which is meant for advertisement, trailer and even somewhere over the classic voice over.
  • Girl or guy next door – this kind of tone is always friendly, approachable and even more casual. This is known as the soft sell advertisement. This may also work too. Just know what you really need.